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Sixteen Years Up In the Air

Every year I wait until the last minute to buy Chris an anniversary gift. Every late July, the following question runs across my head,
“What do you give the guy who doesn’t want any more stuff to move around the world?”
This year, the answer came in May in the form of a Facebook ad…Dinner in the Sky. This would me perfect!We had been wanting to do Dinner in the Sky since we first heard about it in Shanghai!We enjoy dining adventures, and don’t fear heights.
For a couple thousand pesos, I purchased tickets for Chris and I to enjoy a four course meal on a platform 45 meters (147.5 ft) above ground.I was feeling particularly schmucky, so I even splurged for a fantastic “anillo” package that included flowers, champagne, and a souvenir pic. We were both really excited about our anniversary adventure.The night before the big event, I received the following texts on What's App.

Yep, I accidentally bought a marriage proposal package.Fortunately, we were able to iron that situation out b…

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