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Fleeing Security: A Tale of Delays, Diversions, and Lost Luggage.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran through security?  Before you try it, let me tell you what happened when a traveler pulled this stunt in Munich. Chris and I were wrapping up our two-week adventure in Germany, Austria, and Italy with a flight from Munich to our home in Queretaro, Mexico.  We were greeted by the longest security lines we have EVER seen at the United/ Lufthansa counter in the B terminal.  When we asked what was up, we were told that a disgruntled traveler had run through security after the x-ray screeners detected she had liquid in her bag.  She managed to run past the guards which resulted in the entire B concourse being evacuated, and every traveler who had passed through security being rescreened. I looked at Chris and we both exchanged the “we’re not getting home tonight” look. This was only the beginning. After being extensively questioned about whether or not we’d had our bags in our possession or if we had powder in our bags (???) we finally e…

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