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My Life in Mexico

After eight months in Mexico, I can honestly say I feel settled.Chris and I have a house, cars, jobs, work visas, and a regular daily routine.Daily life isn’t as glamorous or exciting as it was in Shanghai, but I am significantly happier than I was during my year and a half in Florence.
My day starts with Chris’ 4:30 cell phone alarm.He jumps up and feeds the dog while I roll over and wait for my 5:15 alarm.After snoozing once or twice I stumble into the shower and get ready for my school day.I then run downstairs, grab breakfast, and am out the door by 6:15 so I can make it to school for car duty.
I arrive at school around 6:35, scan my finger to clock in, and make the rounds of hellos.(Mexicans are really friendly, so it takes a little while to get settled at my desk.)Then depending on the day, it’s time for car duty at 6:50.Initially I wondered why middle schoolers needed adults to open and close car doors, but I quickly learned that helping the kids out of cars makes the arrival …

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¡Viva México!