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¡Viva México!

207 years ago on the night of September 15th, a group of revolutionaries lead by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla decided they no longer wanted their land to be part of Spain.  Costilla rallied troops by going to his local church in Dolores, ringing the church bell, and yelling his plans to revolt against the motherland.This rally led to a revolutionary war that resulted in the birth of Mexico.
Every year on the night of September 15th, people gather in town squares and Mayors, Governors, and the President of Mexico recites the official grito (or chant), and the citizens celebrate the unofficial birthday of the country.
Down here, the big party starts about two or three weeks before the big day.Pretty much everything that doesn’t move downtown is draped in red, white, and green plastic, Mexican flags, or streamers.Bands perform in zocalos (squares), and there's dancing…lots of dancing.

On Friday the 15th, kids at school dressed up in native Mexican apparel and held a flag ceremony/ ree…

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