Going Back In Time

I love the Midwest in the fall.  The combination of colorful leaves, crisp air, and sunshine makes me want to soak in as much of the outdoors as possible.  The weekend after I reunited with my high school classmates, the weather was beautiful and I wanted to put our house hunt on pause for a day to spend some time outside. After looking at some of the happenings around town, Chris and I decided we needed a road trip to Harveysburg, Ohio for the Ohio Renaissance fest!

 I was desperate to have a little fun outside!   How could I pass up an opportunity to meet folks like this?
Renaissance festivals are something everyone should attend at least once in their lives.  Seemingly ordinary folks dress to the nines in period clothing, eat, drink, shop, and are merry in a 16th century English village.  There is an abundance of live music, entertaining shows, and a few too many dirty double entendres.  Best of all, the people watching is FABULOUS!

After dressing up in period clothing for my sister in law's wedding, I was ready to see the festival as a 21st century time traveler.  FYI, if folks want to dress up in period costumes, there are plenty to rent on site.
The best way to get discounted festival tickets is to order them online.  Unfortunately, our printer had to stay in China so we paid full price at the door.
The festival had no shortage of food. Folks dined on turkey legs, pizzas, sausages, funnel cakes, popcorn, and many other treats. After eating half of my bread bowl of potato soup, I was stuffed for the day.
Many artisans were on hand to demonstrate how they made their crafts.  I was fascinated by the glass blower.
I was extremely tempted to pick up one of these glass floats until I remembered that I have items in storage in two different areas. 
Since they didn't have electric carnival rides in the 16th century, kiddos could have fun in manually powered rides.  (For an additional $4 of course...)
Some of the costumes, especially the dresses, were stunning!
If one wanted to get revenge at a taunting vegetable, they were encouraged to do so by throwing tomatoes at him.
At the suggestion of some of the other fest attendees, we saw the Kamikaze Fireflies perform some daring feats with fire!
The show was worth the price of admission to the festival.  This performer broke the world record for twirling flaming hula hoops with this stunt.
Since we attended the fest on Sweetest Day (a midwestern Valentine's Day like holiday), there was a mass vow renewal at the on site chapel.  Quite a few folks decided to renew their vows in this non sectarian service.
After the vow renewal, we had some fun watching a live jousting match.
As we were heading out, we found this guy on the ground.
This is effective advertising at it's finest.

Unfortunately, the fair is closed for the season, but it is definitely worth a visit next year!  For more information on the renaissance festival, click here.

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