Visiting Santa Claus

It’s the season to visit the man in the hat!  I absolutely love logging into social media to see pictures of my friends’ kids’ visits with Santa.

This child's mom is one of the happiest people I have ever met.  Her kiddo is usually the same unless she's on Santa's Lap.  Photo Source: Parent
Here's another case of happy momma screaming child.  Photo source: Parent

I love this...priceless.  Photo source: Parent
I have to admit, I love sharing pics of my fur kids and Santa Paws.
Apparently Santa no longer comes to Petsmart so we had to settle for an iPad pic with a Santa filter.
It’s been a little while since I’ve had a little chat with the big guy.
Every year my sister and I would get dressed in matching velvet Christmas dresses to let Santa know what we wanted under the tree.  
So, when I saw there was a Santa Claus, Indiana during my road trip St. Louis, I knew I had to take a short detour when I returned to Kentucky from visiting my parents.

If there were two words I would use to describe Santa Claus, Indiana they would be tourist trap.  Most of the businesses are holiday themed, and there are plenty of opportunities to buy holiday related tchotchkes.  

I had no idea Santa sponsored a liquor store.
You name the Christmas decoration, the Christmas Store has it.

While I was there I had a little chat with the man in the hat.  He wouldn't tell me which list I was on, but he appreciated the fact that I was visiting incognito.
I took a lunch break at the Brick Oven Pizza restaurant.  The pizza tasted like rubber, but they had free wi-fi.  I used my visit there to fill out a couple of post cards for my nieces and nephew.
The post office is located at the end of the strip mall, so if you want to send a card with a Santa Claus post mark drop in to the post office!
The strip mall also has a variety of plastic Santa statues that make for great selfies.
If you happen to visit the area in the summer, there is a rickety holiday themed amusement park that may warrant a visit.  In the winter there are nightly light shows on Lake Rudolph.

Keep in mind if you want to visit Santa Claus, Holiday World is only open in the summer, and the Santa Claus Christmas Store is only open from May-Dec 31st.  To check for happenings in Santa Claus, check out .  Happy Holidays!

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