My Evening With the Material Girl

Ever since my cousin Allison introduced me to Madonna in the mid 1980’s, it has been my dream to see the Material Girl in concert. Fast-forward 30 years… Madonna was coming to Louisville, a quick one-hour drive away!!  My dream was going to come true!   I quickly logged on to Ticketmaster and snatched up $90 tickets and booked our hotel. While the concert was awesome, there are some things I would have known before I booked our tickets.

It’s okay to bring in a point and shoot camera, however any recording device with a detachable lens is a no-no.
Before I left for the concert, I scoured the KFC YUM Center’s website and the concert’s website, and there was nothing mentioned about bringing cameras to the show.  After waiting in a 30 min line to get in the venue, security told me that I could not enter with my camera.  Fortunately, we were staying at the hotel next to the center, so Chris ran our cameras back to our room, and we were able to re-enter security without waiting in lines. 

I should have bought the pricier tickets.
I was cheap when ordering tickets.  I figured the $90 seats would be okay because I could see the video screens for close ups.  Unfortunately, we were at a strange angle and couldn’t see the screens.  

The was the view from the cheap seats.  I could have paid a couple hundred dollars more for a better view. 
You may not want to take your mom or your kids to this concert.
If the concert had a movie rating, it would be R.  There were times where I was a little bit uncomfortable with the language (ex.  She kept asking ‘What’s my name b%$#*?’ during the entire concert) and with the choreography.  (Pole dancing nuns and dancers simulating the horizontal mambo have a tendency to make me feel a little icky.)  Some people claimed that Madonna was drunk on stage, however I think there is no way she could pull off the performance if she were.  Needless to say, unless you want to have a few uncomfortable conversations explaining the shape of the stage, you may want to keep the kids home.
Yep...this stage was so innocent...

Costumes are encouraged.
If you plan on going to the concert, you may want to don your 80’s wardrobe! Many middle-aged folks were dressed as punk rocker Madonna, dominatrix Madonna, and even nun Madonna.  If you ever wanted to wear a tutu, oversized hair bows, and plastic bangle bracelets this is the event to do so!!

I loved the costumes!

Many folks were embracing their inner punk.

Meanwhile four rows behind me...btw if you need a habit, they were for sale at the souvenir stand.

The Material Girl is usually tardy for the party.
Our tickets said that the opening act started at 8:00 pm.  Around 8:45, DJ Mary Mac put on a lackluster set for about 45 minutes. (I’m sorry but middle-aged folks and techno music don’t usually mix well.)  Around 10:30 Madonna finally started her performance.  Apparently her tardiness is habitual.  Many people in the audience (including my husband) were livid to be kept waiting.   My advice, bring a fully charged phone, or another gadget to pass the time before the concert.

Once the concert starts, you will be mesmerized!
Despite the pre-concert mix-ups and late start time, the concert was amazing!  For two and a half hours singers, dancers, and acrobats entertained me.  The costumes were gorgeous, and the sets were visually striking.  Madonna performed a balanced mix of her new material and her remixed classics.  I kept thinking the woman is in amazing shape for being 57 years old! Her crew did an incredible job keeping the audience entertained.  

Madonna's tardiness resulted in Chris' concert narcolepsy.

My iPhone camera didn't do this picture justice.  Trust me...the costumes were amazing!

The Material Girl is an incredible performer!

Would I see her again?  In a heartbeat!!  Chris would too…but only if he could show up two hours late. J

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