Plant Nite

Do you enjoy gardening?  Do you have a green thumb?  Do you enjoy girls’ night out?  If so, Plant Nite may be the activity for you!

I stumbled upon Plant Nite while trolling for something to do on Groupon.  While I’m not particularly fond of gardening, I am a sucker for making crafty stuff, so I called my friend Autumn and headed to Quincy’s for a little green thumb fun.

I had a good time catching up while pretending to have a green thumb.
We were greeted with a rose bowl, a bowl of soil, and other little decorations for our masterpieces.
Each guest received three succulent plants.  These plants are very hearty and low maintenance.  (Too much water will kill them.)
Here's my masterpiece in progress. 
In the middle of the party, there was a really bizarre dance competition. 
This is the advertised finished product.

This was mine!
Overall, Plant Nite was a good time.  I’d recommend it for people who enjoy gardening and for girls who are looking for a different kind of night out.

If you are interested in attending a Plant Nite, click here

If you would like a discount in Cincinnati, use the following code to get a 30% discount. :)

Happy planting!

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