A Visit to Chicago’s Dark Side

Never in my life did I anticipate hearing gunshots on a bus.  Luckily, my group had been warned and trained to duck!  This was no ordinary tour of Chicago.

I was looking to learn a little more about Chicago’s seedy history, so Chris and I took an Untouchable Tour of the city.  For an hour and forty-five minutes our tour guide, Johnny Three Knives, and driver Winky introduced us to Chicago’s dark days.

Our driver, Johnny Three Knives, was a wealth of gangster information.
We spent the entire tour on a very comfy bus.   You won't have time to step off the bus to take pictures.

During the tour, Winky occasionaly played gunshots over the radio.  Every time we heard shots, we had to duck.  
I had no idea how much of Chicago was influenced by the Capone Era.  For example, I had no idea the the term Lollapalooza was linked to an alderman election scandal.  Lollapalooza is held at the Pritzer Pavilion pictured above.
I also learned that "Chicago" was originally a Native American word that meant smelly onion. 
During prohibition Al Capone purchased the Schoenhoffen Brewery so he could produce Near Beer.  After the non-alcoholic beer was checked by the government, his cronies would inject bottles of Near Beer a variety of alcohols and sell them on the black market. 

This is the site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929.  The City of Chicago doesn't want to rebuild the garage because it has the potential of being a tourist attraction.
At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity purchase gangster swag.

While the tour was a little cheesy, I did get an education!  If you are interested in taking a fun look at Chicago, I recommend visiting their site to book a tour.

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