Popping in the Windy City

Imagine a perfect snack that is a symphony of sweet, salty, and savory.  It’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and melts in your mouth.  This snack is not an urban legend; it exists on Michigan Avenue in downtown, Chicago. Fortunately, I got to experience it last Saturday.

After we received an invite to a family birthday party in Northwest Indiana on Thursday night, I decided we needed to make an impromptu trip to Chicago. 

Saturday was one of those VERY rare Spring like winter days, so we started our afternoon at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, aka The Bean.  I was ready for a couple of hours of shooting and exploring!

The Bean, which was modeled after liquid mercury, was completed in 2006.
It was constructed from 168 stainless steel plates. 
Located above the Millennium Park Ice Rink, it's a great place to get a distorted shot of the city.
When visiting,  I highly recommend walking under the 98-ton sculpture to catch a view of the "navel". 
We had to take a Bean selfie!!!  Can you find us?  
After a few minutes of distorted fun, I caught a whiff of warm junk food!  The beautiful aroma led me to Garret’s Popcorn on Michigan Avenue.  Ever since seeing Garrett’s Popcorn on Oprah’s Favorite Things, I have wanted to try it out.

Welcome to Garrett's, my newest junk food dealer.

Before entering the store, we caught a glimpse of the air popper in the store window.  
The line at Garrett's was quite long, but moved quickly.
Chris selected the dark chocolate and caramel corn Lover's Mix.  I highly recommend this mix for chocoholics and those persons with an insatiable sweet tooth.
I tried the Garrett Mix, a sweet and savory combination of cheddar and caramel popcorn.  I was skeptical at first, but quickly became addicted.
If there is one word I would use to describe this popcorn, it would be crack.  Once I started munching, I found it difficult to stop. When my teeth started to feel like they were wearing sweaters from the sugar content, it was time to take a break and save some for later. 

Unfortunately, I had to feed the hair of the dog the following day. Fortunately, I had leftovers and Garrett’s ships their popcorn nationwide so if I need a future fix, I can visit their website and feed my demon.  If you are interested in trying pop-crack, visit their website.  Warning: You will become addicted!

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