Dashing Like Crazy

I like taking pictures. I like exploring. At times, I REALLY enjoy acting like a silly idiot in public.  When I started looking for ways to explore Cincinnati, I found Crazy Dash Digital Adventures on Groupon.  For $18, I could explore the city while taking pictures and acting like an idiot.  I was SOLD!

According to their website, the objective of the adventure is to explore a city while learning a little history and having fun.  At the start of each tour, the company sends an activation code to enter in your smartphone.  Then, you are given directions to eight (or more) different checkpoints scavenger hunt style.  At each checkpoint, you receive a ridiculously easy trivia question and a task that involves uploading a selfie of you doing something bizarre.  Here are some of the highlights of our adventure.

Let the madness begin!
Some of the tasks we performed were pretty funny.
At first Chris didn't want to join in the picture insanity.

I decided to be a flamingo at one of my stops.

Eventually Chris came around and joined in the fun.

He pretended to be an ump by this statue to recreate a ball game.

At this checkpoint we were supposed to act like our favorite cartoon characters and stage a spat.  I was Miss Piggy, he was Kermit.  It didn't really pan out the way I thought it would.

At this checkpoint, I had to pretend like I was famous, and Chris was supposed to be my fan. We could've used a few more folks for this shot.
At this checkpoint, I had to pick up something from the ground, approach a stranger, and convince them that they lost the item.  This gentleman was EXTREMELY appreciative that I found his rock. 
We learned a little history while having fun.
Here's a blurry shot of me where JFK stood and delivered a speech.
I had no idea there was a section of the Berlin Wall in downtown Cincy.
Some tasks were even sweet.

At the Berlin Wall checkpoint, we had to kiss something...so why not each other!?!
At the end of our adventure, we had some Graeter's ice cream, a must have when visiting Cincy.

If you are looking for a new way to see your hometown or a way to kill time in a new city, I highly recommend Crazy Dash Digital Adventures.  While this is a “more the merrier” activity, I suggest buying the package for two people.  People who are introverted or don’t like their pictures being posted on social media will NOT enjoy this experience.  However, if you’re crazy like me, I highly recommend seeing cities through crazy eyes!

If you are interested in dashing and snapping, check here to see if Crazy Dash Digital Adventures has a tour in your city!

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