Unplugged at Red River Gorge

Like many other people, I spend way too much time plugged in.  I spend hours each day checking my phone, iPad, and laptop for the latest updates from news outlets and friends around the world.  One afternoon, I wondered what would happen if I turned off the technology for a weekend.  Would I experience withdrawal symptoms or would I find the lack of electronics to be therapeutic?  I decided to give the unplugged life a shot during our four-day family vacation at Red River Gorge in Stanton, Kentucky.  During the trip, I resolved not use my electronic devices (with the exception of my camera) from the time I hopped out of bed until it was time to go to sleep at night.  (I need background noise to sleep.) 

We had a great time staying at home sweet Whippoorwill.  While it did have wi-fi, I opted to enjoy the cabin's non techno features like the hot tub and pool table.
I was surprised that life off the social media grid was relaxing!  There were plenty of fun activities that filled our days!  Here are some fun things we did while at the Gorge.

We went fishing.
My father in law loves fishing so we had a large time catching fish in our backyard pond!

When I first saw the small size of the pond, I was sure there were no fish to be caught.

I was completely wrong.  Three minutes after the first cast my father in law, Don, caught a bass.  
We had a great time catching bluegill.

We didn't know if we could keep the fish so we caught, kissed, and released our finned friends.
When the nibbles slowed down, Don suggested we use raw hot dogs as bait.

We were quickly back in business.  

Even the dogs got in on the fishing fun.

We took a hike.
It had been a long time since I’ve hiked so I figured that now was a good time to take a long walk and appreciate some nature. 
Before taking off, I highly recommend checking this hiking guide.  It is like a Zagat guide for local trails. It can be found on Amazon.com.
We decided to hike the Rock Bridge Arch trail in Daniel Boone National forest due to it's kid and pet friendly nature.
The trail was very well marked which made for an easyish hike.
Leia and Chris loved exploring in the woods.
Some of the trail highlights were this waterfall...

And this rock arch bridge.

Towards the end of the hike, it started raining so we were very happy to finish!
We checked out the bizarre.
Red River Gorge is home to the Kentucky Reptile Zoo.  When I spotted this herpetarium/taxidermists’ paradise on the drive to our cabin, I knew we had to take a visit.  While there we saw a dead bee hive, buckets of dirt that contained raw jewels, and so much more.

This friendly guy welcomed us at the door.

For $2.50, visitors get a chance to see a large aquarium with five or six snakes.  
You get what you pay for.  
Not only are there snakes and dead bees, there are plenty of taxidermy delights.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can feed a goat for fifty cents.

Just put your food in this contraption and crank the goodies to the goats.

Again, you get what you pay for.
We roasted sweets around the campfire.
Our cabin had a fire pit, so every night we had S’mores al fresco for desert!

I hadn't eaten a S'more in years.  It was decadent!
Annabelle tried her first S'more.  She was more of a fan of the plain marshmallows.
We had a lovely time catching up around the campfire.
We enjoyed beautiful sunsets.
One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the sun set from our balcony. Since I didn’t have my electronics outside, I was able to focus on family and the peaceful sunset. 
Chris and Annabelle enjoyed the sunset rocker time.

The sunset was so pretty!  All I could hear was family and crickets.
I have to admit at times it wasn’t easy to be unplugged, especially during the afternoon rain showers.  Fortunately, I brought games and a needlepoint project to pass the time.  There were no convulsions, tremors, or other withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of internet! 

I highly recommend taking an unplugged getaway to Red River Gorge.  There are plenty of opportunities for rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the area. For information on cabin rentals, clickhere.

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