Bearing Down at the Hall of Fame

Before we married, Chris and I came to a mutual understanding that our family would root for the St. Louis Cardinals in the summer, and the Chicago Bears in the winter.  Seeing that Chris is a Bears mega fan, it seemed only fitting to make a trip to Canton, OH to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame on our way home from our trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here were some highlights of the trip.

We had fun taking our welcome picture!
We Paid Tribute to Our Team(s).
The museum had a lot of Bears memorabilia.

The upstairs gallery had an extensive history of the NFL.

Once a Boilermaker, always a Boilermaker.

We Checked Out Some Hardware.
We were given the opportunity to try on some gear.

I'm  really hoping I didn't get any cooties while trying on the helmet.

Each inductee gets a brass bust in the hall.  Mike Ditka was our puppy's namesake. 
I enjoyed checking out the Super Bowl rings.  My favorite was the New Orleans Saints' rings.

I also liked this Bears ring from 1985!

We Made Our Own Bling.
Superfine can also customize their own rings!  
We Saw How We Measured Up.
Some of the interactive exhibits allowed us to see how our bodies compared to the players'.  I guess my hand is a little smaller than Willis McGinnest's.
Troy Aikman has a massive grip.

We Played Around.
I got to give Chris a gator shower.

If you are looking for a fun, movie filled, interactive museum, and you happen to be in northwest Ohio, I recommend making the detour to Canton to check out the Hall of Fame.  Bear Down!

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