School of Rock (and Roll Hall of Fame)

I never anticipated getting schooled while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Before I entered the hall, I thought my birthday trip would be a kitschy stroll through lots of concert memorabilia.  I was wrong.  As I revisited the artifacts and listened to the anthems of my youth, I had some epiphanies. 

My birthday trip involved rocking out and getting schooled at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH
1.     I am so grateful my Mom made us listen to the “oldies”.

When we were younger, we had 30-minute car ride to school each day.  While riding in my Dad’s car, we were able to rock out to the music of the 80’s and 90’s.  Mom always had control of her car radio, so my sister and I grew listening to the music of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.  As I child, I thought my Mom’s music was a bit lame.  Now, I am certain it is classic!  Having prior knowledge of the “Golden Oldies” enriched my trip to the Hall!

Elvis records were always a hit in our house growing up.

My Dad was more of a Beatles fan.
2.     Someone needs to reboot American Bandstand.

One of the highlights of the museum is a 30 minute tribute film to American Bandstand.  While watching some greats like Cher and Abba yuck it up with Dick Clark, I had flashbacks to watching AB on my Mom’s bed while she was getting ready for Saturday night dates with my Dad.  Mr. Clark knew talent, and did a great job of introducing it to the American public.
I really miss watching AB.

It was sweet to see Dick Clark joking around with many superstars.
3.      My high school Spanish teacher Sra. Linder was right, art imitates life and likewise.

On the top floors of the museum, there is a fantastic exhibit showcasing how Rock and Roll reflected the political climate of the nation.  It also has some fantastic example of how Rock and Roll influenced society.  I think this exhibit is at the hall for a limited time, so I highly recommend visiting the display before it goes back to the Newseum in Washington, DC.

The hall has many exhibits about banned music and rock and roll protests.
I will always love the Village People. 
Twisted Sister isn't going to take it anymore.
4.     There are MANY good bands out there that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame who are waiting for their invitation.

Getting voted into the Hall of Fame is not an easy process.  An international voting committee looks at how each band has contributed to the genre, and how they have influenced future bands. 

It's not easy getting inducted into the hall.
There are four ways to be inducted into the hall of fame.
That being said, in my humble opinion there are incredible bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Journey who aren’t in the hall yet.  For a complete list of bands check out the Hall’s website. Even better, check out the hour long film that highlights each inductee.

Why isn't Bon Jovi in the Hall yet?
The hall has a large wall of fame containing the signatures of all of the inductees. 
5.     When used properly, flashy costumes and props are AWESOME!

The Hall did have many kitschy displays of memorabilia…and it was AWESOME!
The hall has some modern day artifacts like Taylor Swift's 1989 dress,  

and Katy Perry's twirling peppermint dress.
Chris was a fan of Metallica's tipping scales,

and Slash's top hat and Chucks.

I was a fan of Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat

and the tremendously large Pink Floyd installation. 
I remember this sign from my first U2 concert.

When I was six, all I wanted from the Easter Bunny was Michael Jackson's sparkly glove.
ZZ-Top's drums need a razor.

If you are a rock and roll, soul, blues, or music fan I HIGHLY recommend a trip to the hall.  Be prepared to spend an entire day at the museum, there is a lot to take in. (We spent 7 hours in the museum and were exhausted afterwards.)  For more info on the Hall of Fame, check out the museum  website.

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