Amelia’s Top Five Things to do in Summer

After my whirlwind time in Washington DC, it was time for me to hang with two of my favorite people, my niece and nephew. (It was great to hang with their parents too. J ) I asked Amelia (my niece) what she wanted to do, and we had a couple of days of adventures. (Many of these activities can be completed anywhere.)  

Let the fun times begin!!!
We caught breakfast at Ruby’s.

Ruby’s is a diner chain that has really good breakfasts.  Amelia LOVES their pancakes, and my waffle was super yummy!

For more breakfast fun, be sure to grab a seat at the counter!
We painted pottery at The Mud Room.

After breakfast at Ruby’s, we had a great time painting pottery at The Mud Room, a small paint your own pottery place. 

We had a fun time painting dragons, flowers, and a picture frame.
I think we have an artist in the family!

She jumped at Get Air.

Get air, a trampoline park full of day campers, was Amelia’s favorite destination.  For 90 minutes, she jumped, dove, and had plenty of imaginary play time. 

Amelia had a good time pretending she was a wolf.

She also pretended to be a stingray in the foam pit.
We went to the playground.

Like get air, we had a great time running, climbing, and sliding around the playground! 

Princess Superviolet climbs up her castle! 
Henry had a blast while flying high on the swings!
We took a dip at the local pool.

No summer is complete without a few trips to the pool.  Amelia, Henry, and I had a fun time playing Watersnake and crashing boats in the pool.

Henry is obsessed with all things transportation, including his pool boats.
Amelia and I had fun splashing in the pool!
While the trip wasn’t filled with visits to monuments, I had a great time living like a kid again! After Philly, I was off to Manhattan!

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