Waiting No More…

In his book, Oh The Places You’ll Go, Dr. Seuss spoke of the place where you wait.  The wait feels useless at the time, but nonetheless it’s necessary to spend time there to prepare for the next phase of your life.  These last 18 months of my life have been spent in this waiting place.  I have been trying out teaching jobs as a sub, reuniting with family and friends, and not so patiently counting down the time until our next step. 

Fortunately Seuss continues,

Somehow you'll escape
all that waiting and staying
You'll find the bright places
where Boom Bands are playing.

I am thrilled to announce the time for our new bright adventure has finally arrived!  We are moving to Queretaro Mexico!

Life is about to get REALLY interesting!


Flashback to June of 2015...  Chris and I were happily gearing up for a fourth year in Shanghai, China.  One evening, he came home and told me we needed to talk.

“We need to start thinking about what we want to do after Shanghai.  Do you want to go back and settle down in the US, or are you ready for another adventure?”  he asked.

I was completely ready for more adventures!  Especially overseas!

“Here’s the deal.  We can wait out this contract in Shanghai and then see what happens, but we have another option.  There are plans to expand business in Mexico. The higher ups have given me an offer that is difficult to refuse.  If I were to accept this position, we would live in Florence, Kentucky for a year and a half or so, then we would move to Mexico for three to four years.”

Mexico?  Really?  I could FINALLY put my 12 years of Spanish to use!  I was all in!! 

“The catch is, we will need to move to Kentucky by the end of September.”

So we moved back to my motherland, and I entered my waiting place. I couldn’t in good conscience take a full time teaching position because I knew I would be leaving in the middle of the school year. So, I made the best of the situation and checked out what was happening in one of the best school districts in the country.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time subbing and have learned a LOT of great teaching ideas, but still yearn for my own classes.  As soon as we get settled, I will hopefully be gainfully employed full time again!

In addition to teaching, I plan on sharing our adventures and helpful Spanish phrases on this blog!!
Up next…House Hunters International Queretaro edition!

Spanish Phrase of the Post:

¡Estamos mudando a México! = We are moving to Mexico!

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¡Viva México!