Queretaro at Last!

After waiting a year and a half, I finally flew four hours to Queretaro to explore my next foreign homeland.  As I boarded the plane in Houston, a huge case of nerves washed over me.  I had never visited Central Mexico before.  What would happen if I hated it? We’re at the point where backing out of this offer would be professional suicide for Chris.  What if I couldn’t breathe due to the high altitude?  What if we couldn’t find a living arrangement that would accept our dachshund, Leia?  What if I couldn’t communicate with the people?  What if I got mugged by some drug dealers?


What in the world am I doing?  Moving to a country I have never visited?  Insane!
After sipping a ginger ale and watching a couple of episodes of Club de Cuervos on my iPad, I finally calmed down.  As soon as we landed in Mexico and stepped off the plane into sunny 70-degree weather, I knew things would be okay.  (Mental note to self: sit at the FRONT of the plane when flying into Queretaro.  There was only one immigration agent working the desk so the line seemed to quote my Dad, “slower than molasses in January”.) 

My first view of Central Mexico from the plane.
After pressing the red welcome button which determined if we needed to undergo additional screening, we found our driver and headed for the Hotel Meson de Santa Rosa in downtown Queretaro. 

If I could describe Central Mexico in one word, it would be vibrant.  The blue skies set a picturesque background for brilliant museums, outdoor bistros, cathedrals, and historic government buildings.  Old women sell their crafts in the pedestrian streets while mariachi bands serenade visitors.  The air smells of spicy food and gasoline exhaust. 

Many locals had a great time dancing to the Mariachi music.  Almost all of the outdoor cafes had live music.

Artesans (and their adorable daughters) sold muñecas, or Maria dolls.

Vendors also sell colorful clothes in the market. 
There are a large number of historic Catholic cathedrals in Queretaro.

I must learn how to play the loteria before I leave!

While strolling through town, I felt like I was in a Diego Rivera masterpiece.

This flower vendor reminded me of a Rivera painting.

I was definitely overwhelmed by the novelty and volume of it all, but I was ready to start exploring my new Mexican home.

Spanish Phrase of the Post:
¡Bienvenido a Queretaro!- Welcome to Queretaro!

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¡Viva México!