Home Sweet Staybridge

Chris and I have survived a marriage milestone.  After living out of suitcases for 72 days without a major squabble, we have finally moved in to our new permanent home!!!

We are finally living in our new house!  We love the rooftop terrace!!
After a little negotiation between our relocation agent Julia, and our landlord, Pamela, we are officially moved into the watchtower!  Julia knew we really loved this home, so she negotiated with Pamela for a tile floor on the roof, a pergola for sunny days, and A DISHWASHER!  As soon as we got the news that we could get what we wanted, we signed the contract and got ready to move.  Thank you for everyone who voted on my previous post!

While we were waiting for our sea freight and for the house to be ready, we spent two months in the Staybridge Inn and Suites in Queretaro. What I thought was going to be a tough 60 days actually was more like reliving my days in college.

While the quarters were a bit smaller than what we were used to, the bed was cozy and we had daily housekeeping, free breakfast, and free dinner with all you can drink beverages from Monday through Friday.  We had a kitchenette with a functioning garbage disposal and dishwasher so it was no trouble to cook.  The wireless internet was more or less dependable (especially during the day) so I was able to waste a lot of time by watching the entire Desperate Housewives series on Netflix.

This was our home for 60 days.  Photo Source: Destina.com.  
Our kitchen was cozy, but it forced me to become creative when cooking.
The Staybridge offered a free breakfast buffet with Western, European, and Korean breakfast options. 
I was a fan of the chilaquiles.
The situation wasn’t ideal…at times doing laundry was an all afternoon ordeal due to the malfunctioning washers and dryers. Thanks to a lack of transportation, there were days when I felt I was trapped in a burnt orange prison.  
There were days when the orange decor and luggage were too much to handle.
We did get to meet people from all over the world, and spent many fun nights swapping travel stories while sipping wine by the pool. 
It was nice to bond with others who were in our same situation. 
I miss the Staybridge crew!
While I don’t miss the Staybridge, I do miss the friends we made during our time there. 

Life in the new house is nice, but will be MUCH nicer once we get our sea freight.  More on that later…

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