House Hunters International: Queretaro Edition

For the seventh time in five years, Chris and I played the house hunting game.  For this episode of House Hunters International, we started the hunt in Queretaro knowing what we wanted.  We were looking for a three-bedroom place with a large kitchen, a little green space for Leia, and a close location to Chris’ job.  After a house hunting trip in February and a couple marathon days of hunting we have narrowed our search down to three places.  Before we look at the final three contenders, here are some places we passed on.

The Definite No’s
It was difficult to say no to apartment life; many of the compounds had some AMAZING amenities.
It was really tough to pass up this infinity pool.
One complex has a cinema for rent. 
One place had a great view of the aqueducts.
While we had a great time living in an apartment in Shanghai, we knew it was time for Leia to have easy access to green space.  So after one day of looking, it was on to the houses!

House One: The Refuge
This home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open first floor, an outdoor laundry space/ storage area, and a ROCKING red kitchen.
Welcome to the refuge!

Chris is a huge fan of the spiral staircase. 
We both liked the huge kitchen.

The dishwasher was definitely a big luxury.

I wasn't a huge fan of the wooden beams.
The funky skylights were a fun touch.

The outdoor area had a small storage area and an outdoor space for a washer and dryer.

The house also had a lot of green space for Leia.
All of the guest bedrooms had huge glass windows with no coverings.
While Chris was a HUGE fan of the red kitchen, I had some concerns about the amount of glass in the house.  The guest bedrooms had glass walls with no curtains, and the landlord refused to put up shades.   The dishwasher, ample closet space, and cool staircase made it a contender.

House Two: The Watch Tower
This home has three bedrooms, a first floor office, four and a half bathrooms, an open first floor, an enormous kitchen, an indoor laundry space, and a fantastic rooftop entertainment area.
Our second housing option was the watch tower!

Just past the front door is a open living room and dining area.
The kitchen is brand new, but doesn't have a dishwasher. 
This house features double gated security.

This is the master bedroom.
One could live in the master bedroom closet.

The master bathroom has his and her sinks and a shower.
We both saw a lot of potential with this rooftop terrace area.
From the moment we walked on the roof, Chris fell in love with entertainment area.  I had concerns because there was no dishwasher, but LOVED the storage space, indoor laundry area and the airy feel to the house.

House Three: Vintage Fabulous
This home had three bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open office area, a beautiful courtyard with a covered laundry area and covered parking.
Our final option, Vintage Fabulous, was a little older than some of the other places we looked.  I really liked the covered parking.

The house has a dishwasher...

and all kinds of funky light fixtures.

I saw this in the closet, and thought it was a sign.

I was COMPLETELY obsessed with the bathtub.  This was the only house we visited that had a tub.

The house had a lovely courtyard and a semi-covered laundry area.
Despite the fact that the light fixtures were dated and the house needed a major spruce up, I was OBSESSED with the Jacuzzi bath tub and dishwasher.  Chris was okay with the house, but had some concerns about the visible wear and tear.

If you are looking for a house in Queretaro, here are some things to know:

Most homes don’t come with garbage disposals, dishwashers, air conditioning, ice makers, or bath tubs.  Many people believe that the climate doesn’t warrant air conditioning.

Many homes have bathrooms for each bedroom.  (We really have no need for more than 2 bathrooms, but to have them is a luxury.)

Before you sign a lease, ask the landlord if you can flush toilet paper down the toilet.  Some older homes don’t have the plumbing needed to support the paper.

We need some help from you!  Please vote on which house you think we should rent!  I would LOVE to hear your input!  We will let you know our selection mañana!!! 

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