Sixteen Years Up In the Air

Every year I wait until the last minute to buy Chris an anniversary gift.  Every late July, the following question runs across my head,

“What do you give the guy who doesn’t want any more stuff to move around the world?”

This year, the answer came in May in the form of a Facebook ad…Dinner in the Sky. This would me perfect!  We had been wanting to do Dinner in the Sky since we first heard about it in Shanghai!  We enjoy dining adventures, and don’t fear heights.

What do you give the guy who has everything he wants?  Dinner in the Sky!
For a couple thousand pesos, I purchased tickets for Chris and I to enjoy a four course meal on a platform 45 meters (147.5 ft) above ground.  I was feeling particularly schmucky, so I even splurged for a fantastic “anillo” package that included flowers, champagne, and a souvenir pic.  We were both really excited about our anniversary adventure.  The night before the big event, I received the following texts on What's App.

Um, no.  I won't be bringing a ring.  Proposal time has come and gone for this lady.

I was very impressed that they followed up in English.  
Yep, I accidentally bought a marriage proposal package.  Fortunately, we were able to iron that situation out before out trip up.

What I didn’t realize when ordering tickets was that our anniversary was also during a wine festival at the same vineyard.  We arrived about 20 minutes early for dinner, so we had a lovely time taking a quick look at some of the attractions.

Latin popstar Paulina Rubio was playing that night so we caught part of her sound check.

Visitors had a chance to sample all kinds of foods and wines.  Best of all, I finally got to stomp grapes!!
I don't know if they use that grape juice for their wine, but I was THRILLED to cross this experience off my bucket list.

Come 4:00, it was time for the main event!  We were greeted with a welcome glass of bubbly and waited for a few minutes for one more couple to arrive.  Then we were strapped in our seats and up we went for one of the coolest views and meals we have ever had.

Our safety crew welcomed us to the roller coaster like platform.

They strapped all the guests in their chairs.

The seats were extremely comfy, and I felt very safe the entire dinner.

A sommelier, a photographer, and a chef ensured we had a great time.

The first course included a salad with a yummy cilantro dressing, figs, shrimp, and a creme foam. 

The second course was a mushroom bisque.

In the middle of the soup course, it started raining.  Since it wasn't lightning, we just continued eating in the sky!  (We were lowered a little bit due to the winds.)
The main course was a filet, potatoes, and a veggie garnish.
In the middle of dinner, the flight crew suggested we all kick off our shoes and watch them fall to the ground.  When in Rome...
Right before desert, we were surprised with our flowers and photo. They also played our song to celebrate our big day.

If that wasn't sweet enough, we enjoyed a chocolate cake for desert.
Dinner in the Sky is a great experience that we are hoping to do again in other parts of Mexico.  There are some things to know before purchasing tickets:

If you are afraid of heights, don’t do this.  If someone freaks out they will hypothetically lower the platform, and the dinner will resume in the air after the passenger leaves.  But 45m is pretty high up.

There is a weight limit.  If you weigh more than 110 kg. (243 lbs.), you will need to shed a few pounds before this adventure.

Make sure you show up 45 min to 1 hr before the event.  You don’t want to miss takeoff!

Kids under 6 can’t participate nor can women who are more than 6 months pregnant.

Dress comfortably with slip on shoes.

Finally leave the cigarettes and cigars on the ground. 

For more information on Dinner in the Sky Mexico, click here!

Thanks for 16 years in a row, Chris!  Here’s to many, many more!!

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